Saturday, January 28, 2012


Blogger Or Webmaster Additional Income Tools
If you have website (blogger or webmaster) you can make an additional income program with PPC - pay per click - every single unique click at your ads (chitika's)will paid by Chitika.First you should have PayPal Account, and register to Chitika, you can register both of them here in my website.

PPC - Pay Per Click - From Chitika
Here Is The Definition Of Chitika's Programs.
1. You'll earn 10% of what your referrals earn - the more friends you refer, the more you make!
2. You're eligible to earn commissions for each referral for 15 months following each referral's approval date
3. Chitika will pay you 30 days following the end of the month that your commissions are earned provided that your total revenue has exceeded $10 (for PayPal) and $50 (for check where PayPal is not available)
4. You will be paid based upon audited revenue.
5. You will find your Referral reports in the "Reports" section when you log into your account

For more information, please read our program FAQ's and the Program terms in our Terms and Conditions.
You can Join Chitika For Free: Click This Link

If You Need To Register to PayPal you can look at my website. Or Click This Link.