Monday, February 25, 2013

Want An USB DRIVE Application Similar To U3 Smart ?

U3 Is Trade Mark From Sandisk
Only certain Usb type that can be installed by U3 Smart, you will recognize it with its logo (on the body). U3 is may be a special edition in December 2009 ago,so if you purchase the USB Drive with brand Sandisk (Cruzer, Cruzer Blade, etc)they will not suitable/available U3 support. And if you have the Usb Sandisk with U3 Smart will be a good news, may be they are rare thing, take care of it.  

What Do You Do If You Want To Install Software Similar To U3 Smart ? 
 I will share it, how to get one with common Usb Drive (every Usb Drive). Some Open Source Program Called Portable Applications, a.k.a PortableApps, will be one of the answers. Open Source that mean Free From Charge. You just have to have Internet Connection to Download the Installer and to download some applications that automatically installed to your Usb Drive. Here the, the size is relatively small, only 3,2Mb, and it is very simple installation.  

How To Install ? 
Before Installation make sure your system is connected to the Internet (on line). Double Click on PortableApps.exe Platform Setup...(and will appear RUN) click on it. Direct the installation to your USB drive (depend on where the Usb Drive is detect by you computer, example: Drive F:, Drive E:, and so on)by click BROWSE box,... and click OK. And wait untill finish,....and it will directly detect to portable application website,... you can choose (by checking it in the box)the application you want to install to your Usb Drive. It will be automatically installed after download is done. Now you can make password on your USB drive, you can eject it, you can make the colour of application by setting it, etc.... Thanks a lot.