Sunday, May 27, 2012


The datas of your computers are very important, maybe more important than computer itself.  Yes, work’s data,  old important data, proposal data, confidential data and so on.  One word is that true, DATA is very important. But loosing data is usually happened, so to prevent in loosing data you must have data BACK-UP. It is wise to make one or more data back-up, to make sure your all (important) data is not lost (without back-up).

Where You will store your data ?
In other word how and where to back-up our data.
Generally we have three data storages. Dynamic data storage and static data storage, and now days we have online data storages that provided by server/cloud data storages. We called cloud data storages or server data storages.

Backing-up Your data.
1.Static data storage, e.g :CD -r, DVD-r, CD-rw, DVD-rw, you will  back-up safer with static data storage, and with read only static data the safest. But this media maybe damage by screcth, so store them carefully. Two year or more your data will be safe if you make a good maintenance, put your CD/DVD in the place that dry and cool, do not put them in the moist, hot and direct sunlight, and keep them from magnetic  induction. Rewriteable CD/DVD is static data storage but you must be more caution for replacing old data – that maybe in your dvd/cd rw – because it can be replaced by new data for few times – 3 or4 times only - .  The weakness of this (static data storage) is the small /less capacity than dynamic data storages.
2. Dynamic data storage,e.g: Memory Card – SD,Micro SD, M2, Stick Pro Duo,MMC, Mini SD – etc, flash disk, External Harddisk, SSD – solid state disk, harddisk.  Back-up with this media has more risks than the static data storages.  This media may be infected by viruses/malware. Damage in their electronic tools - motherboard, IC - , and mechanic tools too. Electic shock / not safely remove  will be dangerous to this media.  The strength of this media has big/ more capacity. But with extra careful maintenance will make your data safe.
3. Cloud data storages, there are two of them paid server data storages and free data storages. I can show you the free one, you can store/save your data in their server with free,,,,  and so on, but they provide the premium – paid –data storage too. The paid one is always better and safer than  free one.

If you lost your data without backed them up, maybe will be bad moment, but there are many ways to make your data back. Even not 100 percent you can save them better less than never. You can use softwares : get my data back –ntfs and fat32 -, recuva, forensic kit, etc.