Sunday, April 22, 2012


When I plugged my flashdrive suddenly my comuiter's system is being infected by "shortcuts", there are four shortcuts(folders) and one "autorun.inf" (hidden)file. Later identified as a virus. In the beginning this virus may be it is not disturbing the system (windows system - especially Windows XP and win 7), but in the end this "shortcuts" virus will be dangerous as well as other virus commonly. In many antiviruses this virus will be detected as different name at each antivirus, for example: In symantec (norton) antivirus will be detected as RAMNIT, in Smadav antivirus will be junk file, in Avira will be malware, and so on. The conclusion is this virus will increase it's danger/disturbing to the system by the time after the system is infected.

There are two of ways to make safe your computer's system, preventive action and curative action from the viruses. I will give you the tips that may be useful. 1. To prevent your system is the best way, you should install the antivirus - the best time to install it is the first time you "running" the system (windows) before install another applications/softwares. 2. It will be great if you UPDATE your antivirus you have installed in your system, commonly by download via internet (online). For some reason your antivirus is not up to date (obsolete), and when it is obsolete/not up to date the advantages of this antivirus is going to decrease/will not detect any viruses and clean them. So you must update it to their website. In my blog there are several antivirus links, you can update your antivirus by downloading its updater if you wish. But if you have good internet connection online updating will be better. For Symantec antivirus you just right click the mouse (at symantec ICON on Quick Launch Bar) and run LIVE UPDATE, NEXT.... will automatically download the update file. AVIRA (icon in Quick Launch Bar) you can hit F9 or right click your mouse and UPDATE NOW, Smadav, McAfee, Bit Defender, NOD32,....etc. When your antivirus is updated your system is generally safe. what is that mean ? The virus's creator will not take a rest, even one minute, they have "super energy" to create the newer version of their viruses. I can not understand their mind. But we knew that the virus creators always one step ahead antivirus creators. So updating your antivirus will make easier preventing the system from being infeted by viruses. 3. When the system has been infected by "shortcuts" virus, what should we do ? 1. Use other PC/Netbook to scan your infected system. Remove the harddisk - be careful, you should remove it when the power is off - put it on other computer as slave drive, to make sure your harddisk - system in your harddisk - is not the first boot. then scan all your file - include DATA files - in your harddisk untill the infected files being cleaned or sometimes been deleted.(folders of shortcut virus with extension ".lnk" will always be deleted/removed by antivirus), and autorun.inf too. Remove your haddisk and move to your PC/notebook and run the windows,.... if there are not system files that corrupted, windows/system will run well. But if there are several corrupting files you can REPAIR the system with original CD/DVD installation you have/recovery files - some available on your haddisk as image recovery data. 2. Use HIREN CD WINDOWS XP LIVE You can see the shotcuts viruses and autorun.inf that manace your system a.k.a shortcuts virus. Delete them,... if it deleted, and there are no viruses left, your computer will be fine. But when you failed to delete them - often the autorun.inf will appear again and again - so you use step 2. 3. The Last Step When Two of Them Is Unsuccessful This is the last step when other steps didn't work. Reinstall or reformat your system. The aesiest way but you should prepare many application/softwares and driver, so is antivirus. Except when your computer (PC/NETBOOK) has RECOVERY FILES IN YOUR HARDDRIVE/DVD/CD. Please Back-up your data first to make sure your datas will not miss. OK...  

For preventing your system from malware - virus, spamm, adware, spyware, root-kit,etc - after installation of your system, please install the ANTIVIRUS FIRST. Some antiviruses make your computer "performance" may be slower. Use INTERNET SECURITY to anyone that connect to the internet/use internet connection. is one of million or billion viruses that probably attack your system. So to make thier attack/infect is less, install antivirus is the best way, even makes your performance "perhaps" slower. Slower but safe. Thanks