Wednesday, December 14, 2011


One of my adsense is ADBRITE.COM that now days has more dificult conditions to grab approval from them. When I changed my AdsZone to the better location and better ads (a.k.a :text ads) in my website, My adszone was activated but my SIDE TEXT ZONE was unapproved. So, I can not complain but sad,....
and I read once again (email form admin of Adbrite)and I knew there are some conditions in my blog that can not apply in their systems and T.O.S.

I will show you what kind of mistake - prohibit matter - they denied my new adszone.
Copy and paste from my email inbox:

We've completed the review of your zone, Side Text Zone ( Zone ID #xxxxxxxxx), that you've submitted. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve it for our marketplace at this time due to the following reasons:
- Paid To-Click/Read/Search/Surf - there, PTC
- Not a top level domain - mean / free domain and hosting.

To view our publisher zone policy, please visit use our searchable FAQs or click here: Publisher Acceptable Use Policy.

If you wish to petition our decision or you have changed your site's content to meet our standards, please forward this email to with a request to have your zone re-reviewed.

In my opinion when we will get approval from adsense website, we must follow the condition they have (Term Of Services).


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