Saturday, September 15, 2012


Wifi Settings
When you have wifi access point (hot spot), with certainly range - e.g: 50ms, 100ms or more), had been running, of course with internet conncetion included, one thing is necessary to you.
 Protection of your internet conncetion in order to make your internet conncetion safe.  

What protection do you want to use ? 
1. With password (ASCII, AES-TKIP, WEP,etc..) 
2. With IP Address (You can use certain number as :192.168.xx.xx) combination with DNS/Alternating DNS 
3. With Mac Address 
4. Combination 

Cracker and Hacker Alway manace our wifi 
With protection I mentioned, not guarantee our wifi will free from problems that come from cracker and hacker around our wifi, so with the safest protection (combination), will make the manaces be minimized. 

Softwares Maybe You Must Know 
There is relation with wifi,....
1. Netcut 
2. Netcat
3. Anti ARP 
4. Wifi Key Finder etc... 



  1. bro, is every brand/trade mark of wifi router has it's settings ?

  2. As ive known, every product enclosed with its cd driver and software too. With it
    admin setting with browser. Http://
    Generally they have the same settings dependen on their features and usage/for router only, of maybe repeater.