Saturday, December 10, 2011


PAID TO REVIEW (PTR)Posting in English is the best for grab PTR, otherwise our website/blog being UNAPPROVED by PTR websites. So with my little switch from Indonesian language into English. Here there are, I will show you, some websites that you can grab money (dollars). But there is some conditions they will give to your website - specified - that they will put jobs/ads in your websites/blog.

1. Adsense from google
2. (from Indonesia)
12. Etc...

Something Good needs good things also.
What does it mean? Yes, the condition of your website/blog - you're as publisher - must be have good Google Page Rank (PR = minimum Page Rank for business website is PR2). The higer of PR the better, because PR indicates the traffic of your blog/website. The second condition and this is more important about your DOMAIN - name of your website/blog - must be PRIMARY DOMAIN. Not free domain, like blogspot, wordpress, multiply, blog and other free domain. The third Content Is The King. You have understood, that unique posting, otentique posting and intersting posting is the best. So we call of that Content Is The King. Original, unique and intersting website is the best for this business, not Copy-and-Paste content of posting from another blogs/websites. The fourth less but not least, is the backlinks of your website/blog. When you have more backlinks your website will be better. SEO on google (searching) will incrase/on the top of it.

When you want to build online business (a.k.a PTR = paid to review) your blog/website must be have at least 4 criteria to be APPROVED.
So, will you try to do this opportunity?
NB:You could join me please check the links (banners) in this website.
Good Luck


  1. when time of this programs - 75 days - was ended, you must deposit at least $5 to make $10 in your JBP account, the minimum fee to buy ONE POSITION at JBP's trippler programs. Thanks

  2. bro, now this program is going to migrating in to other name. but you can enter to and they will lead to the newer website, and you can migrate with the same user id and password either. thanks.